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Dozos new and improved high-potency mushroom blended gummies, Dozo Dont Trip Mushroom Extract and Delta 9 Gummies 7100mg, are Dozos new and improved high-potency mushrooms. Their original high-potency blend contained a proprietary blend of Muscimol Extract and THCP in a nano-activated form. The new gummies not only change up the formula, but they also have more gummies per pouch. The 10 Counts pouch for Dont Trip Mushroom, Delta 9 Gummies is now available. Every mouthwatering gummy has 700mg of high-quality Muscimol Extract and 10mg of hemp-derived THC. Users can expect various effects from these yummy gummies. The benefits include a better night's rest, heightened awareness, deep relaxation, a relaxed mind, and fresh levels of reflection and imagination. Our mouthwatering and fruity flavors are what Dozo is launching these new high-potency gummies in.


  • 10 Counts Resealable Bag (7100mg Active Ingredients).
  • 700mg Muscimol Extract - 10mg Hemp-Derived Delta 9 Per Gummy.
  • High-Potency.
  • Six Delicious Flavors.
  • Lab Tested For Quality, Potency, And Safety.

Dozo Don't Trip Mushroom +D9 Assort Flavors

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