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    2 Pack choice of Four Flavors: Starwberry Fields, Tropical Passion, Black-n-Blueberry and Grapes Gone Wild

    • Convenient | Can't stand harsh tasting conventional papers? Do you seek organic products ? These Juicy Jay Hemp Wraps are designed by nature! We have selected the most natural pure hemp wraps to make your rolling life even better!
    • Juicy Jay Authentic | 100% Authentic Hemp Wraps from Juicy Jay and repackaged by ESD to provide an enhanced experience.
    • Flavorful | Juicy Jay is world renowned for its great variety of flavorful selection to smoke from. All our wraps all-natural and come in a HUGE selection of flavors. These also come all the way from Alcoy, Spain.
    • Organic | Made with natural ingredients, NO TOBACCO! Made from 100% pure hemp, these wraps burn incredibly smooth.

    Juicy Jay Hemp Wrap

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