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UTest 5 Panel Urine Test Kit is can be easily use at home to test drug in urine.It takes  only  few minutes to test.  Just dip the strip into a cup of your urine, substitute the cap and wait for 5 minutes to get the results.  The results will show are there any metabolites of the certain drugs in your urine. Clear instructions & test interpretations on packaging.  

This product is not a detox product so it's not edible nor should it to be consumed in any way.

  • Easy to use, self testing device
  • Read instructions & test interpretations on packaging
  • Made in the USA 


The 5 panel test detects the following drugs at the indicated sensitivity levels (nanograms per ml).
 - THC 50 ng/mL
 - METH 1000 ng/mL
 - COC 300 ng/mL
 - OPI 2000 ng/mL
 - PCP 25 ng/mL

Utest 5 Panel

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